Deed Geek: Did Taylor buy a publishing house?

Pretty slow day for property transfers, as one might imagine, but this one caught our eye.

The property in question is 1904 Adelicia St. The three-story building in the shadows of the Adelicia condo tower is currently home to an arm of Universal Music Publishing Group. But UMPG sold Friday to the vaguely named Nashville Strategic Realty LLC.

NSR, according to Secretary of State records, is located at 2300 Charlotte Ave., Suite 103. That's home to business management firm Flood Bumstead McCready & McCarthy, which handles tax, money and property matters for all manner of celebrities. The registered agent is W. Michael Milom of Milom Horsnell Crow Rose Kelley. He has represented, among others, Taylor Swift.

Sensing a pattern?

To add to the intrigue, the tax bills for 1904 Adelicia are going to 718 Thompson Lane, Suite 108256. That's an awfully long address, but a Google search shows that address has some association with 13 Management, who represents Swift. (Note the third return — a website registration that appears to have been done to prevent some online nastiness.

So did Taylor buy up UMPG's home on Adelicia? Judge for yourself.