Drug maker Cumberland gets nod from patent office

Cumberland Pharmaceuticals (Ticker: CPIX) has received a notice of allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark office for its profitable — particularly last year — drug Acetadote, an injectible used for acetaminophen overdose in hospital emergency rooms. The “notice” informs the market that Cumberland has created something new and unique to the industry and others are prohibited from copying.

According to a Cumberland statement (linked here), this is the second patent nod for Acetadote, the first issued in 2011. Changes to the drug’s composition and updated claims information were the genesis of the second patent’s granting.

"We believe that the new Acetadote patent represents an important development in our efforts to protect our intellectual property and defend our product," A.J. Kazimi, Cumberland CEO, said in the same statement.

Kazimi and company have been busy over the past couple of years fighting patent infringers. See the Post’s reporting on those lawsuits.