More views of the new O'Charley's look

Executives of American Blue Ribbon Holdings today formally unveiled the new brand image of their O'Charley's chain. (Check out our story from last week on the topic.) The design focuses on "a modern, open and inviting spirit" — the chain's more than 200 locations will be overhauled in the next three years — while the menu includes some new All-American items and a larger assortment of pies.

“In essence and in every detail, we brought the brand back to its roots in order to take it into the future,” said American Blue Ribbon President and CEO Hazem Ouf. “The O’Charley’s concept as the quintessential American restaurant has stood the test of time and we look forward to continuing to provide our guests with great everyday value serving American classics through an inviting new restaurant design focused on friendly service and hospitality.”

Here are some images provided by the company.