Judge tosses LP keyword ad suit against competitor

A California judge has thrown out a lawsuit by Louisiana-Pacific that said competitor James Hardie Siding Products had infringed on its trademarks and interfered with its business. Nashville-based LP had said that James Hardie's' practice of paying Google to redirect Web searchers who had keyed in LP product names was illegal, but Eric Goldman writes on Forbes.com that District Court Judge Samuel Conti didn't buy it for a second.

Hey trademark owners, want to “own” those consumers? Tough, you can’t. However, you can nevertheless win their fickle dollars by consistently delivering good value to consumers. Pouring shovelfuls of cash into meritless litigation doesn’t really advance that goal. Meanwhile, ten years from now, we’re going to look back at the keyword advertising lawsuits being brought today–knowing all that we already know RIGHT NOW–and scoff at the futility and waste.