Construction boom not expected to yield concrete shortage

The mid-2000s saw a construction boom hit Nashville, as buildings — including many high-rises — rose throughout the city.

Of note, and perhaps not surprisingly, the area’s last cement shortage occurred during this time.

Now, mid-2000s-like construction activity is back, with no fewer than 15 major construction projects slated to begin in Davidson County in 2013.

On top of that, Nashville has multiple large-scale developments currently underway and that will extend into next year.

It’s a construction frenzy of sorts, the type that can beg questions regarding the availability of materials.

But don’t expect a shortage of what is one of the single-most important materials for large buildings and in which cement is a component: concrete.

“We don’t expect there to be a shortage of concrete,” said Sarah Egan, director of communications for the Nashville-based Tennessee Concrete Association.

Indeed, the association’s member companies that produce ready mix concrete have been busy of late.

“We have seen an increase in concrete production in 2012 [compared to 2011],” Egan said.

As noted, cement is used in concrete, and Egan said local cement production is more than adequate.

“We don’t anticipate a cement problem as we have a surplus,” she said.