Deed Geek: You Belong With Me?

Among the top-sellers in Nashville residential real estate this month is a lovely, 1930s, 5,000-ish square-footer — recently renovated — on Whitland. It was purchased by Dr. Michael Neuss and his wife, Gwyneth, for $1.24 million in a deal that closed late in April and was filed with the Davidson County Register of Deeds Monday. Dr. Neuss was named the Chief Medical Officer at the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center back in February. He'll start that gig — he's VICC's first CMO — July 1.

Why are we giving you this free preview of Headline Homes when the next edition will appear in Monday's City Paper with the year-in-review edition in the following issue?

Frankly, it's to clear up some confusion.

Various celeb gossip blogs picked up this item recently from Us Weekly:

More proof their little girl is all grown up? Taylor Swift recently bought her mom and dad, Andrea and Scott Swift, a $1.4 million home in Nashville, Tenn..

The three-bedroom, 5,000 square-foot estate -- built in the 1920s -- was recently renovated and boasts a blue stone terrace and a massive outdoor fireplace. "It's an incredible house," a source close to the 21-year-old Grammy winner tells the new Us Weekly.

Sounds awfully familiar, right? Roughly the same size, same age, same price range, though not exactly right, as the house on Whitland. In compiling the April Headline Homes list, we figured we'd found Taylor's gift to mom and dad. Until the actual purchasers of the Whitland house were revealed via public record. 

So what gives?

In the wake of the US Weekly piece, Real Estalker ID'd the house more specifically:

Information about the brick-built residence that Your Mama horse-whispered out of the interweb shows that the somewhat staid but not particularly imposing residence (above) with its sensuous low-profile eyebrow dormer was at listed for $1,595,000. Property records reveal it was sold, way back in September 2010, for $1,400,000.

If Real Estalker is right — and why not? — then the new home of Mom and Dad of Taylor is not on Whitland itself, but rather around the corner on Bowling and was reported by the inestimable E. Thomas Wood back in October:

Who really owns this renovated 1920s home remains a tightly held secret, despite all the wiles typically deployed in researching this column. Morgan, of the Morgan & Akins law firm, has been known to represent celebrities in past real estate transactions.

The Penningtons listed it at just under $1.7 million and held on for more than six months before accepting the lower offer. Thomas Pennington, a lawyer formerly with Manier & Herod PC, is now a partner at Watt, Tieder, Hoffar & Fitzgerald LLP in McLean, Va. Kathryn Pennington is also an attorney and practiced for some years with the Nashville firm of Gullett, Sanford, Robinson & Martin PLLC.

So Us Weekly's "source close to the singer" got it right — just seven months late and coincidentially reported it at the same time as another, similar house was sold.