The cost of fanaticism

The fine folks at Fan Cost Experience are working through their annual Fan Cost Index rankings — which calculates the price for attending games in each of the major sports, using ticket prices, hot dogs, beer, soft drinks, programs, gear and the like.

The NFL rankings came out back in September [PDF with methodology here]. The Titans came it with a total of $370.20 — the 24th most expensive experience in the NFL. It was up less than 1 percent from last season, mostly due to a slight increase in ticket price. The league average is $427.42.

The NHL rankings came out this week. The Predators have the 20th highest FCI in hockey [pdf here]. The ticket prices are among the league's cheapest — averaging out at $51.04 (no change from last season), about $6 below the league average. But it's the Bridgestone Arena beer prices that are a head-scratcher. The average brew comes in at $6.75. Per ounce, that's the second most expensive in the league, trailing only Montreal. Why the pricey suds? PostBiz — forever in a quest to answer the hard questions — called the Preds front office, but has yet to hear back. We'll update you. Anyway, the total FCI was $288.67, unchanged from last year and a good $38 below the NHL average.

The good news here is, all told, it's comparatively cheap to root, root, root for the home teams.