Dollar General dribbles out new Bobbie Brooks

Discount retailer Dollar General will this spring launch four properietary clothing lines, two of which will feature the Bobbie Brooks name. The company (Ticker: DG), which took over distribution of the iconic brand in 2005, has kicked off an internal star search for 10 employees to model the apparel in an ad campaign.

How soon will the 2011 camp

How soon will the 2011 camp shirts and pull on denim shorts be available? I have had numerous back injuries and finally found these shorts which don't destroy my back and cause me more pain. Can we PLEASE start ordering them on-line?

As a young girl, Bobbie Brooks was in all the "in" stores located in the Midwest area, Des Moines, Iowa. Then, when I rediscovered them, you can't get enought product and can't get your sizes. With no good inventory system at DG, I have driven all over Iowa and called all over Iowa trying to locate more denim shorts and camp shirts in my sizes and color. Please, please make it easier on me this year!!!!

I went to JCPenny's Belk and

I went to JCPenny's Belk and Burlington and none of those jeans fit my daughter. My daughter is 4 and we have a hard time finding pants that fit her butt and waist. Then,we went to DG and I said to myself "we should try these". We went home and happy to say they fit!! I was amazed on how they fit her butt and they were not tight at all!!!! Thank you sosooso much!! I want to find the website so I can find these jeans. If I cant I will just have to go to every DG in South Carolina. I loooove these jeans. I would recommend everyone to try them.

I love Bobbie Brooks! I buy

I love Bobbie Brooks! I buy most all high end brand names, Jones, Liz, etc., but have never found pants to fit like Bobbie Brooks from Dollar General!!
I happened to see them in there this spring and since pants are so difficult to fit properly, took a chance. They are not low rise like so many pants are made today.
Thanks Dollar General!!

I am looking for Bobby brook

I am looking for Bobby brook drawstring pants . Always bought them at Walmart . Haven't been alb to buy them there for a couple of yes . Use to buy them 6 at a time. Can't find them . Can u help I like the esteem
Ntials by Maggie that fashion bug caries but I bought about 12 prs this summer and because I wear 1-2 prs a day they fade and I need more. Please help

The General Dollar I go to is

The General Dollar I go to is in Maquoketa, Iowa. I bought the Bobbie Brook underwire bra in 36c and it was too big and they don't carry 34c. They told me to go on-line and see if I can find them there. Could you please get 34c's in???? I love your clothing line,also. Please let me know if you can get those bras in our where I can order them from. Thank You, Cherie Andresen

I use to buy a double knit

I use to buy a double knit jean made by Bobbie Brooks. I loved them do they still them?

I use to buy Bobbie Brooks as

I use to buy Bobbie Brooks as a teenager in exclusive stores in Fl, and I love that you are once again selling in the Dollar General. I have already bought dresses,blouses,and shorts and love the way they fit. I just bought a black skirt that is really form fitting,and was pleased with the way it is made. Love Bobbie Brooks forever!

I walked into a Dollar

I walked into a Dollar General the other day and found these Bobbie Brooks jeans. Never heard of the brand before, but thought I'd try it out...and am glad I did! They fit great, look great and feel great. I like the dark denim wash and am looking forward to buying more!

So glad to see Bobbie Brooks

So glad to see Bobbie Brooks clothes at Dollar General. I use to buy them at WalMart and then couldn't find them any longer. Love the material he uses and the sizes are always dependable.
Thanks for picking up Bobbie Brooks clothing line. I have already purchased several items and will go back as variety increases. Thanks again.

I want to buy some Bobbie

I want to buy some Bobbie Brooks bras. Can I order them from Dollar General? I bought one when I was down south and can't seem to find them in Manassas, VA

I tried to return a pair of

I tried to return a pair of Bobbie Brooks khaki capris to a dollar general store I knew I bought them at about 2 weeks ago, unfortunately they didn't fit and I had lost the reciept, I would have gladly exchanged them or taken instore credit if out of stock however the cashier rudley instisted that they didn't even carry that brand, refused to try scanning them to see if they would ring and even told me I bought them next door at FAshion Bug with a $12 price tag obviously that cashier has never stepped foot inside a fashion Bug and doesn't even know what his store carries, I work in the retail business and I do understand that taking returns without a reciept is annoying at best but this encounter was truly rediculious.

Could you tell me of what

Could you tell me of what Dollar General stores on Long Island,New York carry the Bobbie Brands of jeans ans tops

Thank You


Just yesterday I walked into

Just yesterday I walked into Dollar General here in Indianapolis and was very surprised to see the Bobbie Brooks clothing line! I bought a pair of bootcut jeans and they fit better than any pair of boot cut jeans that I've ever put on. Plus they were only $14! Thanks Dollar General...

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