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Nashville Post exists to provide breaking news and insight that decision-makers in the Nashville area can bank on. Through our online and print products, we strive to be timely, accurate and relevant, furnishing our subscribers the information they need to thrive in our city’s business and political arenas. We are part of SouthComm Inc., a Nashville-based media holding company that has operations in more than a dozen markets from Kansas City to Washington, D.C. SouthComm’s other Middle Tennessee niche media products are Nashville Scene, nFocus and Nashville Medical News. For more info, visit www.southcomm.com.


Our audience

Subscribers to NashvillePost.com and Nashville Post magazine are business executives, investment bankers, health care professionals, attorneys, stockbrokers, lobbyists, public relations executives, venture capitalists, government officials, real estate professionals, public-company managers and business owners.


Our people

Jamie McPherson
615-844-9410 • jmcpherson@nashvillepost.com

A 13-year veteran of media sales and marketing, Jamie has worked for large media companies such as Gaylord Entertainment, Cumulus Media and Time Inc. for most of her career. She also spent time with local agency GS&F learning the intricacies of the value that agencies bring to businesses. Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs, Jamie understands the importance of building businesses and their brands in order to develop strong communities and drive economic growth.


Geert De Lombaerde
615-301-9243 • 615-260-5790 • gdelombaerde@nashvillepost.com

Geert oversees the online and print operations of Nashville Post and reports on Middle Tennessee's finance sector and public companies. A native of Belgium, he has been in business journalism for almost 20 years. A graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism, he began his reporting career at the Business Courier in Cincinnati and later was managing editor and editor of the Nashville Business Journal. He also has been a consultant at health care public affairs firm Jarrard Phillips Cate & Hancock.

Managing Editor

William Williams
615-844-9235 • wwilliams@nashvillepost.com

William is a veteran local journalist who joined Nashville Post full-time in October 2011. He received a bachelor’s degree in print journalism from Middle Tennessee State University in 1985 and a master’s degree in print journalism from Chicago-based Roosevelt University in 1989. He has worked in the industry in some manner ever since, including as an original member of The City Paper staff.



J.R. Lind
615-244-7989 x 372 • jrlind@nashvillepost.com

J.R. covers law firms and litigation for the Post and helms the Post Politics blog. Before joining the Post staff, he wrote for the Lebanon Democrat. J.R. was honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy in 2006, having served in Illinois, California, Virginia and the United Kingdom.

Andrea Zelinski

615-301-9249 • 615-945-6414 • azelinski@southcomm.com

Andrea covers state government and politics for SouthComm's suite of Nashville publications. Previously, she wrote for TNReport.com.

Emily Kubis

615-744-3363 • ekubis@nashvillepost.com

Emily covers Nashville's health care industry. She is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, where she covered federal courts as part of the Seigenthaler News Service program.


Subscriptions/Customer service

Gary Minnis
615-244-7989 x 308 • gminnis@nashvillepost.com


Conflicts & Disclosure policies
To avoid any appearance that Nashville Post reporting is driven by personal interests, we do not permit editorial employees to individually hold positions in individual stocks of Tennessee-based public companies. Editorial staffers are permitted to own mutual funds. However, if a staffer writes about a mutual fund in which he or she holds shares, appropriate disclosure is made.


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